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The catalogue of disks ElectroIndustry


11Dr " Glasberg" 2008

Project Glasberg (Russia. St.-Peterburg) in some ways reminds us of clanking question mark, 
which may appear in your head after a sleepless night on the balcony of a highrise building, 
on the edge of St-Petersburg. Its not the specific formulations thats important, 
but a gesture and a message.
A technological meditation on a subject is achieved by method of intuitive 
curvature by distortions  in real time to a state of rarefied vibrations, 
supplemented with a desperate voice. 


10Dr " Friedlaender Tor " 2008

Off, Hladna, Noises Of Russia
the collection limited edition 150
concert in a Kaliningrad spring 2007

09CDr " WE SORROW FOR YOU " 2007.

We Sorrow for You, 2007 is a second NOISES OF RUSSIA stuidio release, the result of two years work with archaic layers of consciousness and dense sound scapes. The sound is clean, smooth, dark and quiet. The texts are based on one of the main monuments of Indo-European culture, one of the most ancient human spiritual manuals, which learns how to defend yourself from the monsters generated by your permanently awaking mind. The subject of this electronic symphony consisted of five parts represents an ironical lesson of the decent end of live, the way from child unconcern to the death through the perception and knowing of life.


08EICDr  1g0g "ALL SACRED"  2007

Essentially a re-examination of the creation of music as part of 
religion, the album opens, fittingly, with the toll of a church bell and a slowly building drone soaked in buzzing static with clanging
industrial undertones. As this then lapses into a steady dark ambient
drone and the mood changes, tension levels increase and harsher noise
elements such as screeching bursts of feedback are slowly introduced.
After this prolonged segment, an orthodox choir and baby’s crying are
paired with random clangs of metal and swirling drones, all enhanced
with oscillating whirs and an intense undulating ambient backdrop. The
atmosphere created is one of impending danger and a fear of the unknown
that further augmented by the addition of the slow heavy pound of
industrial machinery, whistling feedback, (what sounds like) soldiers
training and the return of the choir deep in the mix. As the
ever-present drone continues, the whistling feedback intensifies, the
layers are dense and the sound of chattering children is heard before
layers are stripped back and the feedback eases, leaving just throbbing
drones and the sound of the choir in the background. During the last 10
minutes, "All Sacred" returns to the familiar drones and feedback
style heard throughout before stripping the layers back again to a
gentler ambient hum and a slow whirring industrial grind that increases
in pace towards the end before closing to the sound of the choir.
07EICDr concert in Moscow. IKRA club 2006
06EICDr  HYDROPHOBIA  2005-2006


In our new program HYDROPHOBIA we continue investigations into the stereotypes of perception. If our latest program INVISIBILITY AND LABOUR was dedicated to the full disintegration of personality under the social pressure which is mechanizing all the life processes, the program HYDROPHOBIA materializes the response of individuum to the social aggression.

The object dissection is mechanism of manifestation so-called forbidden emotions such as mystical joy, inexplicable sorrow, in-depth horror, catharsis which are opposed to the legalized feelings of cleanness, sterility, health, happy unconscious alcohol intoxication, enjoyment of material comforts.

The project proposes its own version of ritual-industrial music with some elements of psychotropic impact. As usual we notify spectators/listeners that the visiting of our performance is a risk so we disclaim responsibility for all the consequences

05EICDr  EASEL PAINTING. SKETCHES 1 - 5. 2004-2005

industrial-breath-noise (40 min)      

The program EASEL PAINTING opens anthology of industrial sound. The noises of industrial machines represent the monochrome part of spectrum of the industrial-sound palette, the retrospective sight of the XX century - the age when the heavy industry myth was born and was dethroned. The solists are machines. Their interaction with each other and with human voices, with harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes) and noises (music concrete) that appeared as accompaniment creates atonal and non-rhythmic sound picture which gives the spectator a rare chance to combine the work therapy with shock therapy.


04EICDr  Noises Of Russia & Olga Komok Cantigas de Santa Maria   2005

apocalyptic-music (45 min)

Olga Komok is a leader of the group LATERNA MAGICA that performs medieval music

In this project the authentic medieval songs of XIII century were combined with contemporary breath-noise music.

In the program CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA performed by breath -noise group NOISES of RUSSIA & OLGA KOMOK (the leader of the medieval music collective LATERNA MAGICA) the authentic Spanish music of XIII-XIV centuries is placed into the dramatic sound landscape of the modern urban civilization. Old Spanish spiritual songs (cantigas) singing to the accompaniment of wheel lyre (it's a modern copy of XIV century instrument) are accompanied by harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes), noises (music concrete), industrials sounds and rhythms.

CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA is a collection of 427 carefully copied and skilfully illustrated "cantiga" songs (a genre of old Spanish poetry about the miracles of Virgin Mary). It's not only anthology of poetic masterpieces composed in Galician-Portuguese language by the Spanish king Alfonso X, but also invaluable dictionary of the medieval music language and important statute book of iconographic documents that allow us to reconstruct the toolkit, used by ancient musicians, the way of performing songs and the details of court and religious feasts and everyday life of XIII century Spain.

CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA is a monument of medieval culture and cult of Mother of God, which was the most important for Catholics in Middle Ages and is still alive nowadays. Cantigas tell about the different miracles of Virgin Mary: how She defeated basilisk and dragon in Toledo, how She saved drunk monks from the river near Salamanca, how She cured dying horse, how She catholicized Jews and exorcised the devil from the girl. Each story is full of true faith in the infinite mercy. Every tenth story is a the song of praise dedicated to Mother of God.


03EICDr ELECTROSUMMER. SKETCH 1. concert in Russia. 2003


Placing the urban people (ourselves) into the nature we risk losing the peace of mind and becoming mentally diseased. Shocking silence, exciting trembling of forest, full relaxation of mind can paralyse the human will and wish for living. The program is composed from the samples of natural sounds combining with polyphonic landscapes.


02EICDr    INVISIBILITY AND LABOUR  2002 concert in Obninsk (Russia)

breath-noise (50 min) 

In the program "INVISIBILITY and LABOUR" , which was successfully performed at the international music festival SKIF-7, we placed the emphasis on the increasing of the psychical influence on the spectator/listener. Intonation changes typical for non-stop performances - and Noises Of Russia always make non-stop performances because we consider conditional both the bounds between the different compositions and creative finality in all its manifestations - so the intonation changes became stronger and more notable. Noise curtain gave place to sweet quiet harmonies, conceptual hysterics to ethereal whispers, dark sound landscapes to airspace full of rustles. The result of such suggestively sometimes was unexpected and seemed like shock treatment.

The noise with the special attention to radio waves began to play the main role in the influencing on listener/spectator. The same importance had texts used by the participants of the project. At different times we used for compilations lyrics of such groups as SWANS, CURRENT-93, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, old Sumerian poetry, Maya mythologies, texts of Catholic mass, works of Russian poets Vladimir Buritch and Velemir Khlebnikov and our own poetry.


01EICDr   -21 () 2004 .  . 1 

no picture

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